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Here you will find a rolling record of my working week.

An MP's week is split in two. Normally I spend four days in Parliament. I usually take the train down to London on Monday morning and return on the last train from King's Cross on Thursday evening. Travelling by train gives me time to work on correspondence and reports.  Friday to Sunday I am in East Lothian meeting with community groups, campaigning or holding surgeries with constituents.
As you will see, an MP's week is never the same twice.  I can be questioning the Prime Minister or Chancellor one week and campaigning to secure a new post box for a village community the next.  I can be grilling City bankers, then fighting to save an asylum seeker from being deported. I can be visiting local fishermen or presenting school prizes.   I hope this section gives you a better insight into how I spend my time on your behalf. If you want to know more, just email.


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